EIT HEI Initiative Pilot Phase Conclusion Event in Brussels, Belgium

The OASIS partners from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Belgium glad to have an opportunity to participate in EIT HEI Initiative Pilot Phase Conclusion Event, was held on 3rd and 4th of June in Brussels.

The Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education (HE) has been designed with the aim of increasing the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity in HE by bringing together HEIs in innovation value chains and ecosystems across Europe.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) HEI Initiative Pilot Phase Conclusion Event has brought together representatives from the 65 projects of the HEI Initiatives Pilot Phase. As well, the event was designed to provided participants with context the HEI Initiative moves past the pilot phase, exploring lessons learned and etc.

The institutional keynotes gave a good example of the practice and share stories of success and celebrate the initiative’s work during the Pilot Phase.

During the poster presentation the OASIS partners happy to be presented HEI-OASIS project and managed to build new connections with new actors.

The select Topic presentation offered an engaging and collaborative environment for attendees, review the process and results of HEI ecosystems mapping, how HEI contribute to the implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies and show the success story.  All select Topic presentations focused on community building, networking, and co-collaboration between the 65 projects of the EIT’s HEI Initiative with representatives.

The event was very successful, and it was a great opportunity to consolidate the common work for networking from EIT Food in the framework of EIT HEI Initiative for HEI-OASIS project.

Learn about the HEI-OASIS project, its overall objectives and results so far here: https://hei-oasis.eu/