EfVET International Conference

EfVET International Conference

Open science technologies Acceleration for a new generation of Student entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainable development

With the fast-evolving pattern of the market-needs because of revolutionary technologies such as Industry 4.0, AI, robotics and machine learning, a new shift in human resource requirements map is at hand leaving HEIs with an inevitable time-pressing challenge to adjust the learning processes to yield particular competencies that expand way beyond the technical knowledge that has been the focus for many decades.

In addition, there is a significant gap between the learning skills of graduates from the HEIs and what the companies and enterprises want. To alleviate this gap, firstly a Network with OPEN SOURCE professionals (HEIS and enterprises) will be established with HEIs and Companies from the countries originated HEIs. This network will provide feedback on the new state of the art courses that will be developed and taught in Partner Country HEIs to enhance the knowledge, tools and skills of the graduates and increase their attractiveness to enterprises. These courses will incorporate the latest and newest technologies on OPEN SOURCE technologies.

Enterprises will be integrated in the courses by having students solve real-life OPEN SOURCE case studies provided by enterprises, with seminars by OPEN SOURCE professionals and practical placement to promote entrepreneurship. The courses will utilize new pedagogical approaches with interactive exercises, use of videos, social networks, flexible learning path, blended courses etc. to enhance learning capacities. The courses will be available on a virtual learning portal thus providing them also by distance learning and enhancing their accessibility.

The project aims to develop and share support capabilities in the area of open science (OS) to drive the EU’s digital transformation and sustainable development. The project facilitates the adoption of OS technologies in education through practical applications, training, and mentoring activities for the management of real educational and labour oriented problems with an aim to increase openness in intellectual property.

The event is finished.


Oct 26 - 29 2022


All Day


Scandic Kuopio Hotel
Scandic Kuopio Hotel
Satamakatu 1 70100 Kuopio

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