OASIS introduced at the 2nd IMPACT 2023 Conference

OASIS was introduced at the 2nd IMPACT 2023 Conference, themed “Infrastructure and Economic Strengthening,” which was organized by the Institute of Computer Technology in Patras, Greece. Within the session focusing on “Higher Educational Institutions & Innovation,” Professor Spiros Sirmakesis, who serves as the head of the Technology Transfer and Innovation Unit at the University of Peloponnese, presented the initiatives undertaken by the university in recent times. He underscored the university’s dedicated efforts to nurture an entrepreneurial culture, leverage financial resources, and establish the necessary infrastructure to create a mechanism fostering innovation. Professor Sirmakesis elaborated on the University of Peloponnese’s Entrepreneurship Hub, which has been operational for the past five months. He discussed various activities that have been implemented under this initiative, including the inaugural innovation competition, summer schools, and other related endeavors. He also emphasized the importance of forging partnerships through networking to attain the desired outcomes for students. Furthermore, he provided a comprehensive overview of the OASIS project methodology during the presentation. The video of his presentation is available here: