OASIS Project meeting in Rome, Italy

The OASIS  meeting held between November 13-14 November in Rome (Italy)hosted by AI4skills srl-sb. The aims to create entrepreneurship culture in universities.

SIS team focuses on two key pillars/domains that were identified as lacking in innovation culture and knowledge. The first one is the Domain 3 Innovation and Businesses. In which OASIS with targeted action tried to change structures & conditions and overall tried to change the way people creating or developing their businesses & start-ups; This actions will be supported by OASIS deliverables such as testbeds, eLearning platform, MOOCs, Marketplace, Skill Matching Platforms etc.

The most important thing is that these kind of actions and results will remain after the end of the project and will ensure the sustainability of the OASIS project.

And the second one is the People. OASIS with specific actions tried all these 16 months to open the knowledge horizons of the students, academic and non-academic staff by improving skills and support them offering tools for self training and targeted training sessions. These actions help OASIS first of all to easily construct our transferability plan between all partners during the program and to maximize the impact and offering knowledge that remains after and beyond the OASIS project.

On the first half day of the meeting, partners started by current status of the project progress  and KPIS to be achieved. Afterwards, the OASIS partners discussed the work done already to develop the deliverables results and MOOC.

During the second day, partners discussed the overall planning activities and presentation of platforms project and some administrative aspects. Finally, the dissemination of the OASIS project was evaluated among partners. Afterwards the OASIS partners discussed planning dissemination activities.

The partners in OASIS had a constructive meeting in order achieve the final goals for 2023

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