OASIS roundtables in Rhodes

Three roundtables sessions, each of 30 minutes, about OASIS project were organised during EfVET Annual Conference. OASIS aims to provide well designed actions that boost students’ appreciation of OS entrepreneurship disciplines and professions and their understanding of sustainable solutions that address OS challenges of the 21st century

The goal was to introduced EfVET delegates into the subject of the project: about facilitating the adoption of OS technologies in education through  our platform and we are open to any collaborations or joined actions you want to organize together.

The consortium has managed to achieve the KPIs promised. Moreover our digital skills are available. So far there is:

A MOOC: a web based interactive virtual environment to support collaboration, communication, networking of students and teachers, professional stakeholders and parents, as well as sharing of educational scenarios.

A marketplace:a web based interactive platform – marketplace – to support pilot activities that will take place in OASIS, the presentation and the exploitation of products, solutions and tools (open source software, open hardware, open data) oriented to OS. Also includes support mechanisms to design/develop of high-quality inquiry projects/products related to OS Education that guide students in innovation and entrepreneurship and engage the local community in open discourse processes

A skills matchmaking platform: matchmaking web based platform which offer upskilling and reskilling paths to a best fit job demand for users/students. Thus, a complete digital, highly interactive educational environment will be offered to the educational community for the purposes of the project.

The project is moving smoothly to the proposed results. There is a very good working atmosphere among the partners and it seems that it is a project that runs without any conflicts. We work very close all together and the results are coming one after the other.

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