Participation in the event of the DDTI

Spiros Sirmakessis and Panos Papadatos, esteemed members of the University of Peloponnese, demonstrated their commitment to advancing digital education and career prospects for young students. They actively participated as vital contributors within the OASIS consortium during a significant consulting meeting organized by the Deep Tech Talent Initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Their participation in this event carried a profound purpose: to provide invaluable insights and feedback. Specifically, they sought to shed light on the current practices and methodologies employed in recording and harnessing digital skills. By doing so, they aimed to help shape more effective and future-oriented strategies for guiding and empowering young learners.

One of the central objectives of their involvement was to propose innovative career opportunities to budding students. This endeavor aligns with the broader mission of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, which is to bridge the gap between educational institutions and the evolving needs of industries in the digital age. Spiros Sirmakessis and Panos Papadatos brought their extensive expertise and dedication to this consultation, contributing significantly to the development of forward-thinking approaches that can pave the way for the next generation’s success in the ever-changing digital landscape.