Point Of No Return

Point Of No Return

Pay The Price

You are a student studying physics at a university. The time for your new project is approaching, so that means that the time to make your research on fields and subjects you previously hadn’t, is already here. It will certainly come with a lot of work, but you chose it, it’s what you love, what you are willing to invest your time and passion on.

Only you can’t. The researches and papers that you are interested in, come with a price. A heavy one. And you are just a student. Considering that you would want to go through at least 40 different papers, articles, or researches, and of course the fact that the price is at least 30 euros for each, then you can easily understand that you are going to have a long, mandatory break from studying.

Without the respective budget, it is not possible to make research, visualize your project, and eventually bring it to life.


New Age

And it is not only about the money. It feels too, that it’s not just it. It is a whole perspective. Apart from not wanting to pay for something that you feel it should be free, you believe that science should be open for everyone, at any time, free to be practiced, without specific guidance from behind the scenes beneficiaries, and of course open to evolve from that point on, instead of being absorbed by existing establishments. Yes, it definitely sounds like sweet freedom, doesn’t it?

Welcome then our friend! Welcome to Open Science! Open Science is the general term which describes the scientific movement that supports free, digital access for all, to research data and information. Accessible to all levels of an inquiring society, amateur or professional, encompassing practices such as publishing open research, supporting open access, encouraging scientists in all fields to practice open notes, and making the publication of scientific knowledge an easy and free for all process. Over time, this shall introduce a massive change of action, in which science and research is taking place.


Educational Research

In the same manner, educational institutions will alter the way they perceive science, research, its distribution, and effectively education to its core. Until now, in most at least, they would prepare students for the existing job market, basically developing working staff for already established organizations. That means that little to no space was, and is, left and allowed, in order to develop initiatives and entrepreneurship.

Through the manners and culture of Open Science, the concept of research completely changes, thus allowing for new ideas to be inspired and eventually, be researched and applied. With its turn, this procedure will give students the freedom to take initiatives and implement their very own ideas.


The Beginning….At Last

The seed has been planted, and it will not be long till it bears fruit. A new world is colorfully popping up; a world of free access, inclusion, cooperation, and fresh initiatives. And the new world looks good.